Research to an old cave in Lakones started with the book Doukades Kerkiras by Alexandros Alexakis (2007) in which he wrote about caves that already existed in the Paleolithic age (37,000 - 9,000 B.C.). The author wrote that a cave from the period of the Homo Sapiens also existed in Lakones. The question is: where is this cave?


Fact is that several people in Lakones know about a big cave. This big cave had more entrances. The first entrance was in a spot in the village where in the past a garden and close to it a public path was located. A wall in the garden collapsed and the owners had to rebuild it and widen the path a bit for the villagers. One person who has been living there for 35 years does not know about the existence of an entrance. This means that the first entrance must have been blocked for over 35 years. The second entrance was in the garden of the new house near the bakery of Lakones. That entrance of the cave has been blocked totally. The third entrance was the chasm of Lakones.


In the past it was possible to walk into the big cave from entrance 2 (near the new house near the bakery) to entrance 3 (to the chasm). It is said that one person walked inside the cave at entrance 2 for 30 metres and then it started going down. It was too dark to proceed into the cave without equipment. No one ever reached the end of the big cave of Lakones. Nowadays only the chasm is still accesible. Futher exploration in the nearby future is necessary. 



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