The Grava stu Bouzavieri cave is hidden in an olive grove in the village of Agii Deka. The cave has a small entrance 1.5 metres below ground level and inside there is a narrow 7 metres long hollow. The decorations of the main room in the cave are impressive and some parts of the walls have yellow powder-like crystals.


Inside the cave there are the remains of an old wooden bench and a rusty iron barrel, which are a serious threat to the flora and fauna of the cave. At the end of the main room, there is an extraordinary but dangerous 'varathro' (chasm) with dry walls and stones that break off easily. The descent is difficult but the ascent is even harder. The chasm leads to the right under the floor of the cave. There is a passage leading to the left hand side of the chasm at the end of which there are two large spaces: a tall space above the passage (the first floor) and a huge, deep space below floor level.


Flora & Fauna:

During a visit to the cave in 2019 a few cave crickets were spotted. Find more information about the cave cricket on Corfu here. Also 1 possible Greater horsehoe bat and 1 possible Lesser horseshoe bat were spotted. 



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