After the publication of Corfu TV News on 7 September 2018 about the exploration of the Gravolithia cave in Spartillas, information was received about a cave called Grava tis Oxias to Kathisma ('Vulture's Roost' in random translation). The name sounded promising although it was not easy to get more information about this cave. What made this cave so special? 


There is a story that the Gravolithia cave in Spartilas and the Grava tis Oxias to Kathisma cave are connected but both caves show no proof for this presumption at this moment. The inner side of both caves is totally different as well. The Gravolithia cave has stalactites, stalagmites and columns all around, whereas in the triangular Grava tis Oxias to Kathisma cave only the walls and ceiling have slight decorations. 


The Grava tis Oxias to Kathisma cave is located above the village of Spartillas, hidden in an olive grove. Without a local guide it is impossible to find the cave. And there is risk of an encounter with snakes in this area. The Gravolithia cave however is located below in the village of Spartillas.


Inside the Grava tis Oxias to Kathisma cave there's a small passage, the depth of which is unknown. Air is not emerging from the deep. The small opening may lead to a dead end. Bats nor cave crickets were spotted inside the cave. 



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